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Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:54 pm
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 Suggestions for forum

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Suggestions for forum Vide
PostSubject: Suggestions for forum   Suggestions for forum I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 9:44 pm

I'm glad to visit your forum Dark_Angel. And I can see how hard you have been trying to make such a good forum. However, I have some suggestions for yours, I hope they will really help:
1/ I'd like to thank for a good topics but I can't find any thank button
2/ I see many boxes for discussing about various topics, then I think if they are as necessary as a chatroom.
3/ I - a foreingner see many vietnamese words on the buttons but I don't know what they mean. I think that they won't make any difficulties to vietnamese people if they are changed to the others with english written on.
You know beacause I see many vietnamese forum - not a forum for learning english they are using the buttons/icons with english words written on ex: new topic or reply...
They are my suggestions but you yourself can edit following your own ways
Have fun !

Chữ ký của Strange
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Suggestions for forum Vide
PostSubject: Thaks a lot.   Suggestions for forum I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 2:01 pm

Thank you for your trying to give us a english condition to learn english well. I find more chance to change my english blood.

Chữ ký của codoncho
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Suggestions for forum

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